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Turkish REACH-like law KKDIK will come into effect on 23 December 2017

The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU) has published its new chemical control legislation KKDIK in the Official Gazette No. 30105 of 23 June 2017. The new legislation is closely harmonized with EU REACH and will become effective as of 23 December 2017.

KKDIK has long been awaited and is replacing three existing regulations. Companies are now required to register substances manufactured in or imported into Turkey with volumes of at least 1 ton per year. The Registration deadline is set for 31 December 2023 and the Pre-registration deadline is on 31 December 2020.

If your business is potentially effected by the new Turkish chemical regulation KKDIK, we can provide you with professional Regulatory Affairs support!

Dr. Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of Chemservice, will give a lecture on KKDIK at the Lexxion seminar on International Chemical Law held on 28 September 2017 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Please click on the link below for more information.

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New international journal on chemical regulation ICRL initiated by Dieter Drohmann

The German publisher Lexxion is going to edit a new journal focusing on global chemical law, regulation and policy – the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL).

Dieter Drohmann, Managing Director of Chemservice, has initiated to establish ICRL as an international counterpart to the German regulatory journal “Stoffrecht”. He is now one of seven members of the Editorial Board.
ICRL will be published on a quarterly basis, starting with its first issue in November 2017 – the Call for Papers is already in progress.

For more information on the International Chemical Regulatory and Law Review (ICRL) please visit the link below.

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Chemservice participates in ChemCon Asia 2017

From June 19th until 23rd ChemCon Asia is held in Beijing, China. The International Conference on Chemical Control Legislation and Trade Aspects brings together many experts representing companies, authorities and international organizations. Chemservice will participate in the ChemCon exhibition 2017. We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth No. 11 to inform you about our global services.

Visit Chemservice at ChemCon Asia in Beijing!


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Article on chemical control legislation in South America published in the German Journal „Stoffrecht”

The recent edition (1/2017) of the German Journal „Stoffrecht“ contains an article published by Dr. Dieter Drohmann (Managing Director of Chemservice Group), Doris Peters (Managing Director of Chemineral Deutschland GmbH) and Dr. Dominik Kirf (Director at Chemservice S.A.), which focuses on chemical control regulations in the MerCoSur-region (Mercado Común del Sur = Common Market of the South).

The authors take a look at the economic situation of the region, focusing on the chemical sector and the current situation of chemical control regulations.

While harmonized systems regarding GHS, Food Contact and Cosmetics already exist in the MerCoSur region, Brasil is currently the only country, which attempts to implement a comprehensive chemicals law. The article contains core-contents of the planned legislation and shows similarities to other directives like REACH.

Concluding, the authors point out that despite existing regulatory framework, its implementation is in each country’s own responsibility. They recommend exporters of chemical products to South America to observe the developments of chemical control legislation in this region closely.

In case you are potentially affected by South American chemical control legislation, the Chemservice Team is able to provide to you a professional regulatory affairs support.

Access to the German article can be purchased via the following link:

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